[Wolves] Free: office/computer/server stuff

Adam Sweet adam at adamsweet.org
Mon Nov 5 12:05:12 GMT 2007

James Turner wrote:
> Adam Sweet wrote:
>> See:
>> http://www.adamsweet.org/misc/giveaway.jpg
>> for a photo of the stuff which has to go within the
>> next 2 weeks.
> As you know, I have something of a weakness for such things, and what a
> bumper harvest you have here! Could I "bags" one of the server racks and
> any rails please... maybe the rack with the door(?)... whichever is in
> best condition and/or least ugly!
> I suspect I'd need to borrow my father's estate car to transport it (to
> be arranged)... would not expect you to have to lug such a thing all the
> way to Wolverhampton.

Yeah, the IBM one is nice and is in good condition. It was around chest
height on me I think. An estate car might not be quite wide enough,
though should be long enough. I'll see if I can get some dimensions next
time I go to the office.

There is either 2 or 3 pairs of rails, I can't remember exactly and the
pic isn't helping. 1 pair was on an old 2u IBM Netfinity server.

Consider all of the above bagsed.


Adam Sweet



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