[Wolves] Introduction

Camilo Zeta camilozeta at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 19:44:56 GMT 2007

Hello Linux Fans,

Since May of this year I live in Birmingham. Although I came from
sunny Canary Islands and speak Spanish fluently, I'm not a Spaniard. I
was living there last three years, and lately I was looking for other
place to live. UK was the one to be chosen :-) I'm a 38 years old

I like the Open Software and I think this is the future of IT. I use
Linux since 1999 and have about nine years experience in IT, working
with Linux too. Now I'm looking for a job in IT, but it's very
difficult to find something with my poor English and I have to work as
an unskilled labourer :-(

I would like to attend your meetings and promise not to speak very
much in my rustic English. I play guitar as Adam :-)

Un saludo,
Camilo Zeta


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