[Wolves] 3D SoundBlaster 16-bit on HP Pavilion dv8372ea

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 25 14:19:10 GMT 2007

--- "Suntish T. Narain" <suntish at googlemail.com>

> I have been using Ubuntu for quite a while now but I
> still haven't
> managed to get the 3D sound to work on my laptop.
> The sound comes out
> loud but not clear. However, it used to work fine on
> Windows XP.
> It seems that the most of the sound comes only from
> the left part of the
> laptop.
> The sound card is a SoundBlaster Pro 16 bit.
> Please let me know if you need any further
> information.

I don't have any answers for you, but I have a few
questions and a few points.

1) Take a look at:


Which is the ALSA Project page for Creative Labs
cards. You'll see there isn't a Soundblaster Pro 16
bit card listed. Is it one of the following?:

Soundblaster Pro
Soundblaster 16
Sound Blaster 16
Sound Blaster 16 ASP
Sound Blaster 16 PnP
Sound Blaster 16 PCI

If you're not sure, you can find out by running:


to list your hardware information on the command line
or trawling Hardware Information from the System >
Preferences menu in Gnome. Or:

cat /proc/asound/cards

Then at the ALSA site, click on the details link for
the driver used by your card and see what should work
and what doesn't.

2) I have a Soundblaster Live 5.1, which I was advised
at the time had some of the best Linux support of any
card, but I haven't managed to get 5.1 sound on my 5.1
speakers. 2 of speakers have been redundant since I
moved to Linux, but I haven't tried in a long time, I
ought to.

3) Try searching google or the Ubuntu forums for the
problem you have and the soundcard you have.

4) In Gnome audio preferences, it is possible to
unlock the volumes for left and right master output by
clicking the 'chain-link' button beneath the master
output channel, you should then be able to balance the
sound out by setting the volumes of left and right

5) While I'm sure none of the above ought to be
necessary, are you sure the speakers aren't too loud
and thus distorting or haven't been damaged in some
way meaning one speaker is distorting and one is much
quieter? I imagine this is likely me clutching at
straws, but it's worth considering the problem from
bottom up.




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