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Tim Childe tim.childe.lists at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 22:07:19 BST 2007

Hi guys, time to de-lurk to ask a question ;-)

I've got an old laptop that I want to re-install the OS for - but not sure
which to try.  I've tried a couple of Live versions of linux, but had little
success.  I thought i'd take advice / recomendations before wiping the
current system.

It's an IBM 760 ED, Pentium 133? with 64Mb of Ram
It's currently running win98SE - which was fine until I made the mistake of
upgrading to IE6, then it slowed to a crawl.
As I'm going to have to wipe and reinstall to remove IE6 and other stuff I
stupidly put on there, I might as well try and get a better OS if there is

Suggestions ??

Thank in advance


ps I don't mind if the suggestion is "stick with Win98 as it'll be the
easiest" - I'm asking you guys because linux people tend to also know msft,
where msft people don't ususally know linux !!!!

pps Be gentle with me - linux is still only an hobby for me.  My day job is
MCT, but I need some balance in my life ;-)

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