[Wolves] Suggest an OS

chris procter chris-procter at talk21.com
Wed Sep 5 20:55:52 BST 2007

>I think that performancewise the big killer is the GUI.
> Realistically, modern versions of Gnome and KDE are out of the
> question so it's probably worth looking at alternatives -

I have a theory that gnome and KDE are actually developed by a shadowy cabal of RAM manufacturers as a way of increasing sales. 
In the last couple of years they've moved on to funding the Firefox Foundation (you didn't really belive all that money came from google did you??)

Seriously though OpenOffice will crawl on a P133, and I suspect firefox will as well but if you are reasonably carefull about what software you use Linux will run fine (I know I'm not the only one round here to have used it on a 486 with 16Meg RAM). In fact if your interested in learning linux using low spec hardware is a  pretty good way of doing it simply because it forces you to be more creative.

So essentially the answer is depends what you're trying to do


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