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Chris Fox chris at robotninja.net
Sat Sep 8 20:37:50 BST 2007

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David Morley wrote:
> I have only ever backed up my own important data and firefox
> bookmarks.  But just recently as part of my A+ course it's gone into a
> bit more detail about backups (not much though).
> So that's the background now onto the foreground stuff.
> 1.  What do people use to backup on linux?
> 2.  What backup method do you/your work prefer ie full +
> incremental/Differential etc?
> 3.  What other system stuff do you backup on a regular basis?
> 4.  How often do you/your work backup?

At the moment my backup is pretty simple... when I remember/can be
bothered, drag /home/chris onto my external drive and rename it with the
date. When the drive fills up (500gb drive vs 30gb home directory should
last a while) I'll delete the oldest couple...

That being said, I admit it's not the best strategy, but it's better
than nothing.

(also, /home is a seperate drive from the rest of the install - helps
when messing around with distros and whatnot...)

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