[Wolves] RE: Software Freedom Day - Help Needed

Ciaran Mooney general.mooney at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 13 20:31:59 BST 2007

> On 11/08/07, Suntish Narain <suntish_narain at suntish-narain.co.uk> wrote:
> >
> > Ciaran,
> > It will be a good idea to organise it in the city centre and I will be
> > free on that day. In fact, I was thinking of organising such event at
> > the university of wolverhampton during the week commencing 17-21
> > september. Today, I got 20 cds to distribute for the event. Just like
> > you, I have been seeking advice from WLUG and they have been very
> > helpful. Yea, i'll make sure to be present on that day but be sure to
> > confirm the location. One more thing, where did you get the leaflets??
> > Did you print them yourself or have you ordered them from the net?
> > Good luck!
> > Suntish
> >
> Suntish, why not go one better?  Do it in W'ton city centre.  Or, how
> about the central library?

Hi all,

The big day is very near. Suntish please bring along your CDs they
will be greatly appreciated.

Anyone else still um-ing and ah-ing about coming along, please do even
if its just for a friendly chat. I'll be there all day from 10 til
4pm. We could do with the support even if your not going to want a
free CD.

Hope to see you on Saturday.


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