[Wolves] Suggest an OS

Tim Childe tim.childe.lists at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 20:57:35 BST 2007

I'm honoured at being able to start such a historic long thread ;-)

No progress with the laptop yet (no time) - but I have downloaded Edubuntu
to play with at work.
It wouldn't play ball with Virtual PC, so tomorow I'm going to do a real
install on a spare PC.

Then all I have to do is work out a way to incorporate it into the
vendor-neutral part of my course which I do before the students start on the
MCSE part.


Actually, I could take my laptop into work and get the students to make it
work - then I'd be getting paid to play with Linux :-)

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> I have no comments; just wanted to get my name on this Longgggg thread :)
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