[Wolves] I'm sure no-one will want to crow about this but... only (Ubuntu) Linux survived

David Morley davmor2 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 12:26:07 BST 2008

On 01/04/2008, David Goodwin <david at codepoets.co.uk> wrote:
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> |> I'm not sure it's really all that indicative. Which would you prefer - a
>  |>  Ford Focus running diesel (Ubuntu), a Ford Focus running Petrol (Vista)
>  |>  OR a Jaguar XK8 (Mac Air thing)?
>  |>
>  |
>  | Can I have the Series II/Series III Land Rover running on vegetable
>  | oil please... or, as most of us know it, Debian ;-)  I hate ford's and
>  | Jag's are too much to run ;-)
> Likewise; Perhaps CentOS is like an elderly Merc? :)
>  - --
>  David Goodwin
Sue (my wife) says your all wrong with your analogies.

Window Vista would be Jeremy Clarkson's Ford GT.  Looks nice everyone
wants one but it's expensive an doesn't work half the time.

OsX is like a Astin Martin.  All bling.

Linux as a whole is more like a Jag E-Type.  It's been around for a
while everyone wants to have a go in it it but it needs an expert hand
to get the most from it.

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