[Wolves] BRUMCON 07.5 THIS SATURDAY MAY 3rd 2008

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Sun Apr 27 21:34:22 BST 2008

Some of you will already know but for those that don't :)


Menzies Strathallan
225 Hagley Road, Edgbaston
Birmingham. B16 9RY

Doors open 11am Talks from 12pm

FoxWhisper - aka 'wait and see'
Talk details to follow may be :) [Last time I spoke to Fox he was on the
phone to nasa... something to do with a namesever I think.. Re-LoaD]

1stvamp - CAN HAS LOGIN?
Insecurities in Web Authentication, Authorisation and OpenID

      * Basics of HTTP Auth, Digest, Forms and SSL use
      * Common mistakes and exploits - SQL injection, using exposed
secrets, forgotten password scripts, blacklist ACLs, giving Ajax/client
mechanisms too much control over the login process, hijacking and
harvesting sessions
      * Access Control - fine grains and high yields
      * Encryption - not enough if the app logic is weak, protect whats
important and don't reinvent the wheel
      * OpenID - what it solves, what t doesn't, misuse and exploits
      * Extending OpenID - JavaScript/Ajax client with client-side
hashing (requires extension to protocol)

Les Hutchins - A live performance
Algorithmic music with SuperCollider

mc.fly - Cryptspeed 'how fast is crypto'
Crypto is everywhere today - and crypto uses a lot of cpu time.
Therefore we analyzed crypto on base of algorythm, key length, CPU type,
32/64 Bit, programming language and block modes.

Just 'Richard' - X across the Net
LTSP and other thin client solutions use the separation of client and
server on the X Window system to allow low powered clients to share more
powerful server. This talk will cover the deployment of LTSP, the
technology behind it and the security aspects of the system

jens mücke Git 'manage your code distrubuted'
Git is a toolset to manage content like source code. It was developed
from people like Linus Torvalds for projects like Linus kernel in a very
short time.

Open Mic - A panel with your speakers including 'ccc' discussion.

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are interested in technology, and events in the technology world.
Meetings are open to anyone of any age or level of expertise.

Next Meeting is May 3rd 2008 After BRUMCON !!


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