[Wolves] Linux emporium, spammers!

dick_turpin dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Tue Aug 12 12:04:43 UTC 2008

Hi All

So while visiting LugrRadio live recently I like many others entered the 
Linux Emporium's competition to win an EeePC. I filled in my contact 
details confident that as I was clearly the best looking individual at 
the event. I was bound to win and that giving my information was 
necessary for them to email me  to come and collect .

Today I received the long awaited email! with heart pounding the mouse 
moved the pointer over Thunderbird to open the juicy mail sitting in my 
inbox, but wait, I didn't win? How come? what heinous conspiracy is 
afoot I ask myself?

What is it all about? I tell you, in a nutshell "Tough titty mate you 
didn't win but hey why don't you buy something and we'll give you a 

 > * Gold - £150 off all Linux Emporium scheduled training courses until
 > 31st January 2009.
 > * Silver - free Tux penguin toy *and* free 12 months Linux email
 > support with every laptop sold during August 2008.
 > * Bronze - free Belkin PCI or USB wifi card with orders over £50
 > (except laptops), while stocks last.

Fair play to them actually its what I would/do do this has always been 
my argument with people who shout "Spam" at the drop of a hat IMV its 
just marketing nothing to get all anal about either read it, delete it, 
filter it or unsubscribe at the end of the day they're just trying to 
stay in business.

Or is it that if its Linux related then its not spam?


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