[Wolves] EeePC eat my girls iPod's

dick_turpin dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Tue Aug 26 12:44:39 UTC 2008

David Goodwin wrote:
> 1) Surely "ate" not "eat" - as it's happened... not happening or going
> to happen. (Likewise, .... girl's iPods? (or does that become girls'
> iPods?))
Please make yourself available for a 'Bloody good slap' later this 
> 2) Voice commands sound cool - although I remember a friend with a
> slight lisp or something trying to use Orange's wildfire (?) many years
> ago and getting quite pissed off with it (I found it amusing though).
> Voice stuff always seems to be this "just around the corner"
> super-duper-feature that still hasn't seen the light of day - where's my
> voice activated computer that talks back to me?
Yeah mind you I hope you get one that corrects you for any minimal, 
unimportant Faux Pas :-P
> 3) If it were me, I'd suggest you try a newer distro for the iPod; I
> think the Xandros that ships with the EeeeeePC is a bit old. Do the
> iPods work on e.g. Arch Linux?
I am waiting for your little'un to get older, please archive this email, 
boy am I gonna get you back for all the years of ribbing. I can't wait, 
I'm good at waiting, revenge is a brew best left to simmer for a few 
years make the taste sweater. :-)

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