[Wolves] I really hate Zen Cart (Rant)

dick_turpin dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Tue Dec 2 12:16:00 UTC 2008

Hi All

Zen Cart has got to be the biggest pile of steaming vomit, I'm so glad 
I've wasted at least 6 days of my life on it I'm hoping that when I 
stand in front of St Peter at the pearly gates he will look in *The big 
book* and say "Ooh you poor sod, get back down there for another six days".

One of my bosses wanted an On-Line shop, now forget for one minute that 
I already have/had one, Virtue Mart, Oh no he wanted one that he 
'found', 'uploaded' and 'configured' so he spent about six or seven 
weeks poncing around with it I of course refused to have anything to do 
with it like the typical petulant child that I am when last week he said 
"Um Pete I've sorted out the shop now, any chance you can spruce it up 
and add some products?".

Yeah OK should be straight forward, does it do CVS uploads?
"Um no thats a module you have to add"
OK but I don't fancy spending a week putting them all in manually, Grrr

Oh yeah he *sorted it* alright all he'd done was loaded it, added a 
template and put our contact details on.
Is it a typical GUI on/off copy/paste? is it boll....s sure adding 
products is, well, fairly simple but if you want to start adding side 
boxes or custom stuff you're up shit creek without a paddle unless 
you're a Zen Cart Zen Master! I followed the wiki word for word even 
just did a copy-n-paste of the code for a custom side box, yes Admin it 
sees it, try and enable it and half the site dies! Even messing with the 
CSS template was a nightmare of Trial-and-error I'd like to add some 
navigation buttons but I hate the thing so much I'd rather eat my own 
toe nail clippings or possibly Big Ron's!

Pointless email but I feel better plus you lot don't get enough spam 
anyway :-)

/Rant over

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