[Wolves] advice;on dvd/rw for a laptop

Mark Croft croftyboy at googlemail.com
Thu Dec 11 15:58:52 UTC 2008

my sister has a Hi-Grade notino c2200 laptop and the dvd/rw is faulty
in it , I have not got here in redditch so not got much info on it yet
, hoping to get a cheap replacement drive before going to sister for
She says the model number on the drive is UJ-820B.

I have been looking on ebay and they seem to be around £20 is that
about the best I am going to get one for?

Is there anywhere in birmingham/west midlands area that would sell
this stuff or anyone on this list that is selling one.

I am hoping to convert her to linux over christmas and get her off he
addiction of M$ and Office 2007 (the documents she sends on email seem
so large)


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