[Wolves] A revolution in corporate desktop PCs?

Kevanf1 kevanf1 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 14:12:29 UTC 2008

Hmm, let me pitch in with a real perspective from a
'corporate/academic' buyers viewpoint.  Just to clarify that, I used
to be in charge of ordering new PC's for the office staff when I was
running the IT dept.  Ok, I only had a budget of £20,000 but this was
8 years ago.

I was told to pick new PC's for our staff.  The only problem is that
they had to come from the RM website, or more properly, a dedicated
W'ton Uni page.  Most were pretty standard PC's but I did have the
leeway of being able to specifiy internals if I wished.  Nearly every
one offered off the shelf was close to a media centre for its day.
Ok, can you imagine an open plan office with various sound files being
played all day long?  It would be hell.  So, pretty much as Dick has
said, I chose to forgo sound cards and monitors with built in
speakers.  With the money I saved I could upgrade (remember this is 8
yrs ago) all the CD ROM drives to DVD writers which were far more
useful for archiving purposes.

Bearing in mind that most offices are open plan I'd have thought the
last thing you'd want would be an all dancing all singing media centre
style PC.

Kevan Farmer
Linux user #373362

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