[Wolves] Free: Dell laptop Pentium II 233, 64MB RAM and 4 GB HDD

dick_turpin dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Wed Dec 17 10:09:34 UTC 2008

Matthew Revell wrote:
> Anyone want a free but tidy Dell laptop? It did have Win 95 on it but
> I wiped it while installing Puppy from CD. It failed to install Grub
> and now won't boot from CD and, obviously, there's no bootable OS on
> the HD.
> I'd love to get it working again myself but I think the CD drive must
> be knackered and I don't really know what else to do. It has a floppy
> drive but I don't have another floppy drive and it's too old to boot
> from USB.
> So, if you think you can fix it and want it, let me know.
I'd take it off your hands but I'm banned from having anymore old kit :-(

2 routes you can take, rip the HD out buy a 7.5-->2.5 IDE lead (about 
£2.00) stick that in a PC install OS then stick HDD back in lapp'y
Or get me the Part No: off the CDROM I may have one in my graveyard.

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