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>Kris Douglas wrote:
>> How do you go about collecting the GPS traces, what software is used
>> to do such a thing?
>It all depends on the GPS unit you have.  I use a PDA with built in GPS.
>Take a look at
>http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Beginners%27_Guide as this is a
>very large area on it's own.

A review of all the various GPS units, Bluetooth GPS pucks and PDA's etc and
how they work for OSM can be found at:


>Basically, you need a GPS receiver, a logging application and a method
>of getting the data from the application onto a PC so the data can be
>uploaded.  You may also have to convert the logged data to the correct
>format (gpsbabel).
>(Alex, can we get the slides for your talk online?)

Yeah, would be good to see Alex's slides available too :-)

My OSM presentation slides from a year or so ago can be found on the bottom
of my page here:




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