[Wolves] Planet WolvesLUG

Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Tue Feb 19 09:39:05 GMT 2008

On Mon, Feb 18, 2008 at 09:05:55PM +0000, Ron Wellsted wrote:
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> ArchLinuxUser dick_turpin wrote:
> > On 17/02/2008, Adam Sweet <adam at adamsweet.org> wrote:
> > 
> >> Incidentally, is it a problem with Planet Wolves or with Pete's feed
> >>  that means the headings for Pete's posts don't link to his posts?
> > 
> > I was aware of the problem, its currently in the hands on my solicitors :-)
> > 
> First try using planetplanet up at
> http://www.wolveslug.org.uk/planet/index.html
> I will leave it alone for a while to allow it to sort it's cache out

Nice one Ron. One small thing, the webserver doesn't seem to like 
http://www.wolveslug.org.uk/planet/ but 
http://www.wolveslug.org.uk/planet/index.html is okay. Is that because you 
copy the index.html into place or something?


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