[Wolves] Ubuntu on Eee PC - Worth it?

Russ Phillips russ at phillipsuk.org
Tue Jan 8 11:03:25 GMT 2008

> Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2008 21:05:37 +0000
> From: Rob Parker <rfdparker2002 at blueyonder.co.uk>
> Subject: [Wolves] Ubuntu on Eee PC - Worth it?
> Hey, I've noticed quite a few people on this list have brought Eee PC,
> and I (well my father)has recently ordered one from EfficientPC (and it
> is yet to arrive), and was wondering whether any have tried installing
> Ubuntu, and if how good does it run compared to the default OS, as I
> feel I would prefer a 'normal' GNOME desktop to the seemlingly
> 'childish-looking' icon interface or KDE.

I've got an Eee PC. I haven't tried installing Ubuntu or Gnome, but I did
have a quick look at KDE, and quickly decided I didn't like it. I'm not
much of a KDE fan anyway, but I found the screen too small for it, and I
didn't like the longer boot time.

The main reason I tried KDE was so that I could add extra program
shortcuts, but I found that I could add a start menu to the default GUI
[1] [2]. After a while, though, I removed it, because it took up too much
space in the task bar, and I added/moved the icons in the default
interface instead [3]

The default interface uses IceWM. If you don't like the tabs/icon
interface, you can use IceWM in a more "normal" way [4]

> Also I was thinking of buying a ~4Gb SD card to increase capacity, I
> guess the best thing to do would be hardlink dirs from it to my home
> directory? (for folders such as Documents, Pictures, Music and Vidoes,
> etc)

I'll probably buy an SD card sooner or later, primarily so that I can use
it as a media player. If you're intending to leave it in permanently,
you'll probably want to look at disabling the auto-detection GUI [5] or
[6]. By default, when the Eee PC starts, it will detect the SD card and
pop up a GUI asking what you want to do with it.


[2] http://wiki.eeeuser.com/howto:customizeicewmstartmenuwithicemc
[3] http://wiki.eeeuser.com/howto:customizeeasymode
[4] http://wiki.eeeuser.com/howto:useicewm
[5] http://wiki.eeeuser.com/howto:tempdisabledevicedetection
[6] http://wiki.eeeuser.com/howto:automountusbstorage

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