[Wolves] Now I know what Vista hell is!!!!

Mark Harrison mark at yourpropertyexpert.com
Fri Jan 18 18:22:02 GMT 2008

> On Fri, 2008-01-18 at 13:24 +0000, Zeth wrote:
> > On 18/01/2008, Chris Fox <chris at robotninja.net> wrote:
> > > I disagree. "Venting" about other OSes - especially in the form of
> > > purile M$-bashing - is probably setting back the Free software
> movement
> > > by a good 5 years in terms of mainstream recognition and
> non-enthusiast
> > > adoption.
> >
> > I agree that unfounded MS-bashing is pointless. However, I don't think
> > that your assertion can be proved. What does it mean to "set.. back ..
> >  by a good 5 years"? I think the problem is not perception but total
> > obscurity. It is not that people are perceiving the free software
> > movement as being a bunch of angry losers, the problem is that they
> > have no idea that we exist at all.

In the home market, this may be true.

In the large corporate market, this is absolutely NOT true. They know us,
and dislike what they perceive as "fundamentalism".

I have many years experience both working in, and as a strategy consultant
to, some of the UK's largest companies. I have one direct quote from
personal experience that is worth remembering:

"Whenever I meet a Linux person, they want to have a religious conversation.
I want to have a business conversation."

- Paul Worthington, Group IT Director, Kingfisher plc (at the time he said
it, owner for B&Q, Comet, Woolworths and Superdrug)

I have no wish to be part of a Microsoft-bashing forum. I left the Ubuntu-UK
list because MS-bashing got out of hand.

I _am_ interested in being part of a forum that has something positive to
say, and supports the use of Linux.
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