[Wolves] [Fwd: Linux Opportunities at OGL]

Andrew Lewis andrew at monkeysailor.co.uk
Sun Jan 20 00:25:10 GMT 2008

> the policy at my place is 'dress' thankfully its
> rigourously enforced :-)
> chris
I once worked at the art block of a university - I remember taking a 
visitor around and suddenly realising that they were is a short of 
shocked daze. I'd completely ignored the naked couple in the lift on the 
way in, and hadn't given the guy dressed as a gladiator a second glance. 
I think the goth wandering around with a dead rabbit might have been 
what put them over the edge.

I had a similar experience from the opposite end of the spectrum when I 
visited framestore in london - I arrived in a suit and was greeted by a 
man in flip-flops, bermuda shorts and a hawaiian shirt. They assigned me 
a pink haired runner in a lime green skirt and chinese red silk blouse. 
She seemed pre-occupied with offering me sushi, saki and ham sandwiches. 
I was only there for a short time - if it wasn't for the commute to 
london and the price of houses, I'd be there now.

The freedom to dress expressively is important to me - although I don't 
dress to any particular extremes (jeans and a t, mostly), I find that I 
work better when I am wearing something comfortable, and surrounded by 
individualists (who are unique, just like everybody else).

I was once told that I couldn't wear a waistcoat at work, because if I 
wore a waistcoat then my boss had to wear a jacket to show that he was 
my superior. I told him that if that was really how he felt, he was 
probably better off without me.

I have my own dress code now that I'm self employed, I wear a suit when 
the mood takes me. If people don't like my choice of dress, or don't 
think it's appropriate for their work environment, then they're judging 
me on the wrong criteria and they should be hiring someone else.

I'm not afraid to decline work if I don't like the customer's attitude, 
but most customers make the sensible choice and stop acting like an ass 
when you tell them "A suit is impractical in my line of work. I can 
leave now if you prefer and you can find someone who wears a suit - I'll 
even discount the call out fee."


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