[Wolves] Wolverhampton, PC World, Eee PC

Political Penguin fish at politicalpenguin.org.uk
Mon Jan 21 12:50:08 GMT 2008

Yes, I did the same on Thursday in PC World in Wolves.  I thought I'd 
broke it too but finally worked out you have to tap the power button to 
bring the OS back to life.  They are nice bits of kit but the £199 one 
is the 2Gb version, the 4Gb are £220 and PC World are out of stop so 
waiting times are about a month on them.  I think I'll wait till the 8Gb 
version comes out and the prices of that fall later in the year.  Can't 
really justify the expense, not with a Nokia E90 Communicator higher on 
my list of priorities.

ArchLinuxUser dick_turpin wrote:
> Hi All
> So the girls and I descended on PC World Wolverhampton on Saturday, I
> wanted the IW300 docking station which was a bargain at £14.99 seeing
> as Curry's Cannock want £30.00 which is strange as they are the same
> company.
> Anyway while looking at all the goodies I came across the white Eee PC
> (£199.00 in PC World) its the first time I'd seen one in the flesh so
> to speak, what a lovely bit of kit, I did manage to break it of course
> I shut the lid and when I reopened it the screen was dead, Oops. I
> told the spotty herbert 'tec-guy' my name was Jono Bacon :-D
> All you owners of an Eee PC "You lucky bast....s"

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