[Wolves] So how did it go last night?

Tom Higgy higgy-lists at bandnet.org
Thu Jan 31 12:14:57 GMT 2008

David Morley wrote:
> 1 Sorry I couldn't be there I'd been looking forward to it :(
> 2 How did it go?

Appears to have gone well. Turnout of 8, which I'm told is a good 
number. 4 groups of 2.

Most current rendering is available here:

Also on the osm.org site itself if you select the osmarender layer. 
Mapnik will be another 7-14 days...

Once streets are completed anyone interested can join in fixing 
restrictions (speed, one way, etc) whether or not they have a GPS. Just 
sign up for an account and dive into Potlatch.

I'm attempting to maintain a report on progress as is used in a lot of 
other places. See wiki page: 

> 3 How was the varcity as a meeting place?

Seemed quite pleasant to me, but then I've not been to all the other 
regular venues to be able to compare.


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