[Wolves] Weekend pics! (LRL suggestions)

dick_turpin dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Tue Jul 22 15:35:51 BST 2008

Barbie wrote:
> Yours and Pete's suggestions are perfect examples of things that can be
> noted for the future. Seeing as it's all open source, I'm even going to
> pinch them to suggest to future organisers of YAPCs too ;)
Um my ideas are not GPL'd ;-)
> One thing that has helped YAPCs is an attendee wiki. It can be used to
> plan things in advance, such as BOFs, places to eat, hotels, who is
> staying where, etc. Plus as a side benefit it gets crawled by Google,
> Yahoo! etc and helps to bump up the overall search ranking.
> I'd be happy to set one up for next year, and can use the CPAN Testers
> wiki (comment spam protected) code. Would just need to redo the layout
> and CSS :) I assume wiki.lugradio.org can be added to DNS.
I would have thought it needs to be started on now? anyone know of a 
definitive list of events? One of the excuses I hear again and again is 
"Ah well I would have gone but Brumcon is on next month" (Example) or is 
19/20 July carved in stone?

Do we all need to calm down for a minute and see what Jono, Aq, Chris 
and Adams thoughts are? Or is Wolves-Lug taking up baton and running 
with it?

I'm happy to open up my site for membership for marketing ideas and 
input if LrL want me to help, alternatively I'm sure Barbie you can do 
something more secure and professional that I could use.

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