[Wolves] [OT] Ministry Ticket tonight at Wulfren Hall

Barbie barbie at missbarbell.co.uk
Mon Jun 2 14:52:23 BST 2008

Hi folks,

Unfortunately I have been left with a spare ticket for tonight's gig to
see Ministry. Rather than get shafted by the touts, is there anyone who
was thinking of going that doesn't have a ticket? Or perhaps you know
someone who might be interested who was hoping to get a ticket on the

If so, please email me off list. I would prefer to get at least face
value for the ticket (£16) if possible. I will be offline just after
5.30pm, so if you can get in touch before then, that would be grand.

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Memoirs Of A Roadie <http://barbie.missbarbell.co.uk>

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