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Mon Jun 2 23:42:46 BST 2008

Hi Lee,
           In answer  to your questions may I say this :-
           As a  Linux user of about 3 yrs standing, Suse 9.1 onwards I would 
say LP1 101 and LP1  102 are definitely worth getting for study. At almost 76 
and studying them for  my own interest only the study guides including the 
LNAG (Linux Newbie  Administrator Guide) by Stan,Peter and Marie Klamas 
available for free download  as PDF files are found at The Linux Documentation 
Project, all well worth  having. They average 175 pages each and between them contain 
all the info a  Linux user could need. 
           Were I  younger, after a bit more study I would get the 
qualifications you mention and  from that solid base find employment in the Linux field.
           My answer  is they are absolutely worth the time taken to study, 
They are definitely not  expensive and very very relevant. Whichever distro you 
adopt the basics are the  same and with a GUI interface it just gets easier 
and easier for the beginner.  Try asking a Windows user any technical question 
or ask for help then join a LUG  to see the difference. With Linux this 
present time reminds me of when I was an  Atari enthusiast in 1982 onwards. I gave 
up on Linux about ten years ago but how  pleasantly surprised I was when I 
tried Knoppix 3.3 ? as a live CD and  sorted out my failed Windows 95 setup. 
            In  September as a member of SLUG I shall be at the Hamfest at 
Enginuity  Coalbrookdale again extolling the virtues of Linux with our freebie 
CD's and  literature to nervous Windows users, explaining yes thay can install 
Ubuntu 8.04  alongside Windows using WUBI with no fear of ruining their 
beloved Windows  setup. Last year our youngest enquirer was a boy of about 12 and a 
man the same  age as I am now 76. It reminds me of that old toast "may you 
live as long as you  want to and want to as long as you live".
            With  best wishes to all at Wolves LUG

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