[Wolves] LPIC?

dick_turpin dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Tue Jun 3 10:24:21 BST 2008

Lee Parkes wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Has anyone had any experience of the LPI certs? Are they worth doing? I know 
> that certs are sometimes seenas being irrelevant or worse, but I'd like to get
> some certs for future employment prospects. So, are LPI certs:
> * Worth the time taken to study?
> * Expensive?
> * Relevant?
I keep promising that I'll take the LPIC one day I have two LPIC books 
at home.

There is a little testing program you can install (Windows only which is 
funny considering) I think the one I have is a little old now but will 
have a look when I get home. In the meantime there is this one: 

Hope that helps

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