[Wolves] Re: Do I hate Linux?

dick_turpin dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Mon Jun 16 10:31:16 BST 2008

Kelly, Martin wrote:
> Looks like some people have too much spare time on their hands.  
> I mean, does somebody actually download distro's and software just to
> prove " it doesn't work".
Yes, I believe its called 'Beta testing' plus its irrelevant whether 
they are deliberately downloading stuff just to prove its crap or not 
*Think outside the box* the fact of the matter is they potentially are 
telling the truth. Now that maybe unpalatable, but over the years I've 
had and seen loads of character assassinations just because I or someone 
dared to question the validity of this or that.

Whats even more interesting is the reaction I've had and seen to this 
guys blog, most of the people I've spoken to since writing about it have 
done the classic of focusing on the supposed wrongdoer rather than 
focusing on the problem even to the point of asking "Is it your blog?" 
or "Why don't you piss off to Microsoft seeing as you obviously hate 
Linux" which made me laugh till I nearly wet myself.

Its the refuge of the indefensible to say "Ah they are obviously a huge 
Windows fan, or they don't get out much" because by saying "Hm well they 
have a point, lets fix libbreakyourmailclient.so" people feel is some 
sort of face loosing admission which it isn't.

One of the greatest features of the Linux community is its ability to 
respond to issues this IMO is its strongest asset not the wobbly 
windows, not the "Germany is to replace every computer with Ubuntu" this 
is demonstrated every six months with new version releases, we all 
download the latest version knowing full well its going to be a bag of 
shit we sit there cross fingered hoping to Christ its not going to break 
our mail ect but we also know that within hours or days there will be a 
fix. Now I accept that Linux Hater also rants regarding that however 
where his rant is flawed (If he is a Windows fanboy) is in the 
comparison to Windows as MS will take at least a month to fix it or not 
at all if its obscure.

P.S. I love his latest post this morning regarding Ubuntu, now he is 
telling the truth there I've seen the very same situation myself. Hahaha
> Is this persons name Gates or Balmer perhaps?
> Mart. ( I don't get let out very often).
Na good old Steve would have whooped and skipped his responses ;-)

I actually like Steve Balmer he gives me hours and hours of laughter and 
is and endless avenue of fun for us in the Linux community Bill Gates 
was very staid and upright he never gave me anything to laugh at apart 
from his stupid hair cut.

P.P.S. This mail is a reply to the thread and not directly to the 
senders post (phew cover your arse quick Pete)

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