[Wolves] Query on setup for receiving mail...

Adam Sweet adam at adamsweet.org
Mon Jun 23 15:37:47 BST 2008

Dave Morley wrote:
> Finally I got mail out setup correctly :)
> But Ron how do I get mail in to work....?
> I got a subdomain of mail.davmor2.co.uk but I can only forward it to
> http://whatever.address.is.needed however with 1and1 they do mail so I
> can setup davmor2 at davmor2.co.uk and then forward somewhere but where do
> I forward it?  Is it davmor2 at wherer the 1's represent the ip
> address my router is connected to?

I'm not sure I understand you correctly, but if you haven't already, set
up an MX record for davmor2.co.uk which points to mail.davmor2.co.uk,
then set up an A record in DNS which points mail.davmor2.co.uk at the IP
address of your cable connection at home. This means that all mail for
users on davmnor2.co.uk will be delivered to your home IP address.

On your home firewall, I would port forward port 25 (SMTP port) on to
the LAN IP address of your mail server and Robert's yer mother's
brother, no email address aliasing or forwarding. This assumes that
Virgin Media allow inbound SMTP connections. Now when somebody sends
email to bald.arsehole at davmor2.co.uk, it will be received by your home
mail server, assuming you set up your home box to accept mail for that
domain and that user. This is the most straightforward way, everything
else is a workaround.

Otherwise, just leave all your DNS stuff as it is and forward the email
address on to another address as you described, like a Gmail account or
something, but I assume you want to run your own mail system which most
if the fun. You can just forward to user at but it's not very nice.
There are other ways you could go, but it will just start to sound
confusing with all of the different ways of doing things. So if none of
the above meet your needs then we can start again.

Bravo on taking the plunge with all of this stuff btw, you will learn a
hell of a lot. It can seem too much to take in when you start but it
soaks in sooner or later. To do mail properly, you need to understand
DNS and basic networking first, so I guess we can do a 5 minute primer
at the next LUG meeting I attend if Ron hasn't covered it in one of his
talks already.


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