[Wolves] Digital camera for a disabled user?

Wayne waynelists at machx.co.uk
Mon Mar 10 11:25:52 GMT 2008

If its any use to you I've got an old (very old! ) Sanyo SX550 
1.5megapixal like this one:

going begging,

Its old, its tired, it has tape holding the battery compartment closed, 
but it has very few buttons - the 'click' button
being quite big, and the features  control also useable (I'm guessing).
Removable 128 compact flash card with it, or usb out.

Would be ideal if she just wants something to put in a drawer to take 
the odd snapshot of grandkids - or if she wants
to do a bit more - give her an idea of what size buttons she can cope with.

Your welcome to it (wv14), it would have been freecycled if I could have 
got round to it.

As for new, I use a Fuji f31 which is best thing since sliced bread, but 
there ARE lots of little fiddly buttons!


Kevanf1 wrote:
> Here's something to ponder which is close to my heart.  Some of you
> know that I have arthritis pretty much in every joint of my body (I'm
> not yet 45 so I don't class myself as old).  It's in my wrists and
> fingers but, at the moment I can still manage to use my Nikon D50.
> However, I've had a call for help from a friend whose mum is having
> major problems with today's compact digital cameras.  The buttons are
> too small for her to use properly because of arthritis.  It's great
> that technology is making everything smaller but there's not much
> regard to elderly or disabled end users :-(
> So, does anybody have any recommendations for a good, compact (I use
> the term solely as opposed to a DSLR), digital camera with easy to use
> controls?  The lady who is looking for a camera is able to use a PC
> but I don't know what OS she uses.  However, in line with 'thinking
> for the future' it would be good to be able to recommend something
> that works with Linux (ok, I'm optimistic that Linux is destined for
> greatness in the next couple of years).

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