[Wolves] Request: Advice on ADSL fault finding or can I borrow an ADSL router?

Alex Willmer alex at moreati.org.uk
Wed Mar 12 09:55:02 GMT 2008

I'd like to borrow a router to try on by Tiscali line & see if it
maintains the connection better than my Netgear DG834GT.

I'm currently dealing with Tiscali support. The router is losing it's
external IP 1-3 times a day. Nothing short of disconnecting and
reconnecting the phone lead will cause it to renegotiate. This works
most times, but without the physical disconnection it refuses to obtain
an IP. 

The problems started in February when Tiscali upgraded the line to 8
Mbit. Given the large number of complaints with similar symptoms, I'm
pretty certain the problem lies with Tiscali. 

Does anybody have a spare ADSL router, that I could borrow to test my

Also does anyone have any advice on fault finding an ADSL connection?

Regards, Alex

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