[Wolves] Equipment stolen

Andy Wootton andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk
Sun Mar 23 15:05:59 GMT 2008

My home in Great Wyrley was burgled some time between lunch time and 10 
pm yesterday.

The following were taken:

A Lenovo/IBM X41 running Ubuntu Linux (and my life). Serial No. L3AA6CZ, 
Part No. US2F8UK It has the outline of a removed Ubuntu sticker on the lid.

and: (off-topic)

An HP laptop with about a 15" screen and a Telford & Wrekin asset-number 
or security sticker (my wife's work PC, running Win XP) in a smart black 
briefcase-style case.

A Lenovo ThinkPad T61 (?), my brand new work machine running Windows 
XP,  SQL Server and Visual Studio - I'm sorry! It had an E.ON asset 
number sticker on the front-let of the lid. Both this and the Ubuntu 
ThinkPad were in a new, black Targus backpack There were also a couple 
of memory sticks in the front pocket of the bag.

A white Apple iBook G4, with worn-off key caps on the often used letters 
and a hairline crack in the right hand side bezel of the screen. The 
battery won't hold charge. This is my daughter's university machine, so 
it has OS X, OpenOffice.org, architectural models and a vast collection 
of music. Because she lived in a dodgy area of Nottingham it has UV pen 
markings  in a couple of places and SmartWater DNA paint of her 
Nottingham Postcode NG7 2BX on the front edge, which looks like clear 
nail varnish. Serial No. is UV4251BRR73

A white Apple iMac G5 iSight with a faulty 'SuperDrive' Serial No. 
W8547CGUTAQ. It contains my son's final year video project for his Fine 
Art degree. He has no backup of the last week of his work

If you hear or see anything of this equipment then please let PC 5704 
Goodwin at Watling Street Police Station on 08453 302010 know.

My PC security tip - use ancient, crappy PCs with CRTs. Thieves don't go 
near them.

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