[Wolves] Suse 10.3 & kde 3.*

Martin Meredith martin at sourceguru.net
Mon Mar 24 18:28:38 GMT 2008

On Mon, 2008-03-24 at 19:31 +0200, leei at webmail.co.za wrote:
> I have installed Suse 10.3 and when using KDE 3.x in Suse 10.3 when I
> click on the power button or power off button it will only give me the
> option to log off and there are no options to reboot or power the computer
> off only to log off which takes me to the log in section and from there I
> can either reboot the pc or switch it off from the log on menu.

Generally, these options only appear when using KDM instead of GDM. The
best way I can think of to sort this is to use KDM instead of GDM if
you're not already

If you are using KDM (or might be worth a try anyway!), the following
might help.

Hit Alt + F2 to bring up the run dialog, and then run "kcontrol"

Expand "System Administration" and goto "Login Manager"

Make sure that you have "Allow Shutdown Local:" set to "Everybody" (you
will need to click "Administrator Mode" to change these settings if
they're not correct.

This should hopefully allow you to shutdown your system. Not a user of
Suse myself, so not too sure whether it uses GDM by default, but the
above are the things that I'd check first.

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