[Wolves] Evolution broke imap :(

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Sat May 3 14:25:18 BST 2008

--- Ron Wellsted <ron at wellsted.org.uk> wrote:

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> Dave Morley wrote:
> > My system died on me :( A hard lock due to a
> hardware issue. I resolved
> > that to a degree.  However now evolution seems to
> of broken imap on
> > google.  But only evolution.  So now I'm using
> thunderbird in order to
> > get at my mail.
> > 
> > Can anyone figure out what evolution did to break
> things so I can fix it
> > though?
> Have you tried deleting the account from Evolution
> then re-creating it?
> it could be that the configuration has been
> corrupted.

Or start it from the command line with with debugging
enabled (--debug <output-filename>) or with all
plugins disabled if you use any, or started in offline

evolution --help

for options.

Personally I prefer Thunderbird anyway, I like to be
able to use the same mail client no matter what system
I'm on, the mail file format is basically mbox which
makes it pretty portable and it's never bitten me on
me on the ass or eaten my mail in 3 years. I've had
problems, mostly due to receiving 180,000 mails
overnight and the server couldn't deliver them to me
without giving up or receiving a 600MB email, in both
cases my old work Powerbook was too slow to deal with
keeping Thunderbird's caches up to date and so
Thunderbird would just grind to a halt and I'd have to
leave it running overnight while it sorted itself out,
but never anything that caused me to lose mail.

Evolution wastes too much screen real-estate on
formatting controls even when composing plain text
emails. I don't use any of the calendaring, memos or
tasks stuff but maybe I ought to give it a shot in
case it makes life better somehow.




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