[Wolves] The best OS for EEE PC [WAS] Asus Eee PC 900 (Linux) - White (in Stock)

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Tue May 13 11:34:36 BST 2008

On Tue, May 13, 2008 at 11:06 AM, Stephen Welch
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> 2008/5/13 chris procter chris-procter at talk21.com:
> >
> >  The eee is neat because its small, light, cheap, runs
> > linux, its robust, powerfull enough for most tasks,
> > and Just Works.
> >
> Hi I would be interested in peoples thoughts on the OS for EEE PC.  So far I
> have got through Hardy 8.04 for ubuntu and kubuntu and Xubuntu 7.10 None of
> these seem to work as well as the native xandros install.
> Work as in longer boot times, unreliable desktop, reconfigure wireless to
> get it working, under strength wireless reception, slower user interface and
> desktop real estate issues all with a 2gb mem.
> I really like the xandros eee pc OS (and of course the 701 not so sure about
> the 900).  I am undergoing trials with setting some up for use in schools
> and was wondering if anyone else had done same.
> The main issues are authenticating with windows domain controllers and
> getting redirected desktops.  I think the latter without specialist software
> will be hard (and maybe not nessary anyway) the former would be the real
> killer for them.
> Does anyone have any experience of such and can they shed any light on what
> would be best?  Get them authenticating directly or use a Linux server as a
> middle man are ideas I have at the moment.  Do I need a client for direct
> access or can the native xandros be setup to authenticate? (struggling at
> the mo).
> I have not yet tried http://www.likewisesoftware.com/open
> Stephen
> PS Mine has been to Penn, Kings Norton, Sparkbrook, Saltley, Rowley Regis,
> Northfield and Albrighton.:-)
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Correct me If I'm wrong, but i've herd its possible to use an
SMB://[address] as your home folder... and then have, if its a windows
server system, My Documents as the default docs folder..etc.

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