[Wolves] Relaying via Exim

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Sat May 17 19:27:25 BST 2008

--- Wayne <waynelists at machx.co.uk> wrote:

> Can some one point me to a how to for relaying via
> Exim?
> I just want to be able to use my home server for
> smtp whilst out on the 
> road.
> Have done this before by specifying the ip address
> of my remte connection,
> but when using wifi zones this won't work.
> Presumably I can relay with 
> user/pass
> but I can't figure/find how to do so.

Setting this kind of thing is post-fact is pretty
invasive if you're not sure what you're doing. I set
my mail servers up using Vexim, which is basically a
base configuration and web interface for Exim and
includes SMTP authentication using a MySQL backend for
all user and domain authentication details and


The installation instructions are pretty old and for
FreeBSD but I could help you out if you got stuck,
it's not that hard when you've done it a few times.

I'm afraid I don't know any easy recipe or howto style
documents that will add what you want as I've not used
any but I'm sure a Google will turn up plenty, you'll
just have to evaluate them for usefulness.

The easiest thing to do for you right now would be to
set up webmail but you'd need IMAP running if you
don't already. I like Courier myself, but Dovecot is
ok if you're not using NFS for your storage. I have
seen the Horde webmail client running over POP3 but it
means your mail accessed over webmail would be tucked
away elsewhere on your server and no longer accessible
to your desktop mail client. IMAP is definitely the
way forwards if you're not already using it.

For webmail clients you could try Squirrelmail, Horde,
Roundcube, Neomail, Ilohamail and so on. I've always
used Squirrelmail but it has a bad security record and
is just starting to annoy me with a few missing
features and bad habits.




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