[Wolves] Another 9/10" inch Laptop

dick_turpin dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Tue May 27 09:00:52 BST 2008

Adam Sweet wrote:
> I didn't post the link so you can compare prices, I
> posted it so you can see a list of some ultra mobiles
> that you might not have in your own list. The point at
> which I posted it the criteria was "What other
> ultra-mobiles are there?", there was no suggestion in
> your original email that said it had to be less than
> this big or have these specs or even that it had to
> run Linux.
> Remind me not to bother next time.
Whoa whats all that about? Wrong time of the month or something?

I know you didn't intend me to compare prices, I understood it was a way 
of displaying a *List* of available units from which I could pick those 
I felt relevant to display in my list.

I've re-read my reply to you and cannot see anything ungracious in it I 
was simply commenting the glut of GoCompare sites that are taking over 
the net as of late and highlighting the fact that I'm a lazy git and 
cannot be arsed to update prices possibly on a daily basis.

As for specifications the subject line indicated 9"/10" inch Laptops 
nothing more and nothing less also later on in the thread I mentioned 
that most units should be able to run Linux in this day and age.

Now I'm totally bemused as to what it is I've Written, said or done 
thats offended you so much but whatever it is you've got the wrong end 
of the stick so your gonna have to work really hard if you want your 
yearly snog at LugRadio Live this year.


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