[Wolves] Invitation to connect on LinkedIn

David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Mon Nov 17 21:08:27 UTC 2008

Andrew Lewis wrote :
> >
> > It may be even more worrying if Chris is not aware of it....
> Is now a good time to mention that I am the chief cashier of the bank
> of the Nowhere Atoll, and I have a genuine business proposition for
> you? My father, King Toe has been overthrown by the pro socialist,
> antideluvian brassica party of Kungfununsarea, and if you give me your
> credit card number and inside leg measurement, I will transfer my
> Father's entire fortune into your account. As a reward for keeping
> your parts in my endevor, I will reward you with 10% of the origin
> balance of the new account, and the option to freeze your assets in
> Icelandia.

Where do I sign up?

Would you like my password as proof of my identity? Perhaps you need a
credit card number too, as I'm sure the credit crunch must have hit

David Goodwin 

[ david at codepoets dot co dot uk ]
[ http://www.codepoets.co.uk       ]

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