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Stephen Welch stephenw at invictustechnology.co.uk
Tue Nov 18 21:25:29 UTC 2008

Posted in sympathy for those who made the long trek!


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From: Stephen Welch <stephenw at invictustechnology.co.uk>
Date: 2008/11/18
Subject: SB Website / meeting notifications last resort system
To: sb-owner at mailman.lug.org.uk

Hi all.  Sometime ago there was a post about redesigning the sblug
website before putting it back up after it was taken down due to
hosting issues.

Anyways after the trip to sunny cov lug and sunny trip back home minus
one Cov lug Forensic talk I got thinking.

Currently I am working on a Moodle for a primary school in brum and
one aspect is the ability to text parents and teachers and possibly
receive texts through the Moodle to keep everyone informed about the
ongoings at the school if you are  a teacher and the ongoings of your
kids if you are a parent.  So after the cock up today where even the
speaker did not know it had been canceled how about such a system to
keep lug members in the loop in the event of last minutes changes
which, happens from time to time.  I would happily give my mobile out
for such a system and I think texting is a much more instant means of
getting messages about as opposed to emails sent out at 4:59 pm. i
don't have a blackberry and rarely check my mails on my phone.

There is a co. called txttools which produces a module for Moodle but
you have to pay for it.  I am not sure of the offering by the uni's
good friend JANET - I am still waiting details - but this may be free
for some lugs as they are normally closely tied with the universities.

Any thoughts anyone?

The other thought which I had but never made it to email was the link
between the large university establishment and the surrounding schools
and how this may possibly benefit the educational Davids of the world
when it comes to primarily technical equipment and possibly expertise.
 With the right sort of agreements and SLA's, authentications systems,
would it be possible for the university to make available to smaller
schools specialist hardware equipment that they could use, for
example, to check fibre optics or cat 5 wiring or expertise and as an
example Kidderminster College and Moodle and Moodle services.

Could the above partnerships be driven through the sblug as a number
of members work in the uni?  In the past this arrangement has been
discussed at an edugeek conference and if something formal can be
arranged would probably be support and encouraged by edugeek and it's



I like the idea to video streaming the meetings as I can just switch
it off when no one turns up!


Can someone post this on the cov lug?

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