[Wolves] OT: Windows is 25

Kevanf1 kevanf1 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 29 14:57:13 UTC 2008

2008/11/29 Alex Willmer <alex at moreati.org.uk>:
> On Sat, 2008-11-29 at 11:58 +0000, Kevanf1 wrote:
>> So I'll admit to being a hypocrite and using XP right at this very
>> minute.  It's a very, very bad habit because I genuinely prefer
>> something like SuSE or Kubuntu.
> No need to apologise, getting the job done takes priority. If  Linux is
> better, but Windows is good enough _right now_ then switching can wait.
> Alex

It's just a case that this PC is the one that the rest of the family
use.  They have software that I honestly haven't tried with either
WINE or Crossover so I don't know if it would work with Linux.

I'd actually love to run a live CD and would without a second thought
but for the fact that for some reason no live CD can access the web on
this PC.  No problem if I pop a hard drive in and do a full install
(I've used small capacity drives for this in the past) all network is
fine.  It's just live CD's don't want to know :-(  Life's too short to
faff around trying to find out what the problem is.  It's probably
beyond my capabilities anyway.


Kevan Farmer
Linux user #373362

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