[Wolves] OT: Windows is 25

Kevanf1 kevanf1 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 30 14:02:04 UTC 2008

2008/11/29 James Turner <james at turnersoft.co.uk>:
> Kevanf1 wrote:
>> I'd actually love to run a live CD and would without a second thought
>> but for the fact that for some reason no live CD can access the web on
>> this PC.  No problem if I pop a hard drive in and do a full install
>> (I've used small capacity drives for this in the past) all network is
>> fine.  It's just live CD's don't want to know :-(
> If you have a few minutes to spare for it, try the following series of
> commands:
> route -n
>    (should be an entry listed for destination
> nslookup www.google.com
>    (should list various IP addresses for aforementioned site)
> ping www.google.com
>    (should indicate a response)
> telnet www.google.com 80
>    (should indicate that it connected to the host)
> If you want to post the output of these to the list then someone may
> well be able to help get to the bottom of it.
> Regards,
> James

Hey guys am I happy :-)  This morning I thought I'd try a live CD as
James suggested and was all prepared to start entering tose commands
and see what I got.  Well, I popped the latest Mandriva One DVD into
the tray and let it boot.  Not bad, nice looking distro and actually
quite quick for a live DVD.  Then I opened up Firefox and with a smile
decided to try entering <www.yahoo.co.uk>  You could have knocked me
down with a feather because it went straight to the site!!!!!  It just
works!!!!  With no tweaking or messing about.

Now, why?  Well, the only thing that is different (two actually but
one can be discounted) is that a couple of weeks ago I changed my ISP.
 I now use O2 and have their wireless router installed.  This PC is on
wired ethernet to the router and always has been.   I can only assume
that my previous router was blocking the requests from this PC when I
tried to run a live CD/DVD.  I need to try one of those old disks
first though to make sure.

I'm going to see if I can store personal data on a usb stick so that
Mandriva will retrieve that for next time (like Puppy Linux does) and
if it does I hope I can save all my bookmarks.  Not sure how I will go
on with the Firefox plug ins though?  I have one that I absolutely
have to use for running my Freecycle groups.  It does work with Linux
as I've got it set up on one of the other boxes.  Right now though,
I'm really happy :-)


Kevan Farmer
Linux user #373362

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