[Wolves] Requiem for an iAudio

Adam Sweet adam at adamsweet.org
Thu Sep 11 10:33:58 UTC 2008

Peter Oliver wrote:
> On Thu, 28 Aug 2008, Andy Wootton wrote:
>> Adam Sweet wrote:
>>> I dropped my bag on my beloved Cowon iAudio X5...
>> My boy got the lead between the unit and control panel jammed in a door.
>> Not even Dr. Monkey-Sailor could fix. No-one in the UK could supply a
>> replacement even though it is the same as the X5.
> The joystick won't go down on my X5 any more, and the battery life has 
> collapsed.  However, when I looked, I couldn't find anything that had at 
> least the 60GB capacity of my X5, wasn't a big chunky video player, and 
> wasn't actively hostile towards Linux (i.e., an iPod).  I'm now making do 
> with my X5 until the capacity of flash players catches up.
> Oooh, shiny: 
> http://www.engadget.com/2008/08/25/cowons-s9-curve-with-3-3-inch-amoled-touch-display-impresses-k/

Sorry for the delay. Looks like I managed to get my X5 back in service,
albeit tentatively, so I'll sit it out while I wait for the same thing I

Think I'll buy a ultra portable notebook instead in the mean time.


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