[Wolves] Free to good home

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 18 22:59:19 UTC 2008

Hi everyone

Time for me to give away another round of redundant hardware that nobody wants. Available at the moment are:

1 x Dell Optiplex G110 PC, 667MHz P3, 128MB RAM, Intel 810 chipset, Intel graphics/audio/100Mb ethernet onboard, 15 GB disk, CD/RW. Ultra low profile desktop case, not a tower, takes regular PCI cards, no AGP slot. Requires specific RAM, not off the shelf memory (see Crucial website or other RAM supplier). 133MHz bus speed. Another network card is in there, not sure what it is, probably another Intel card (e100) a 3Com (3c519) or D-Link (rtl3129 I think or tulip). Probably Debian or Fedora installed. Looks like this:


1 x generic desktop PC, 433MHz Celeron, 256MB 100MHz RAM will not take 133MHz RAM (unless I'm doing something stupid), upgradeable to 512MB. Hard disk unknown, probably 20GB, CDROM drive, 2 x 100Mb network cards, 2 from Intel, 3Com or D-Link. This a regular desktop case not a tower or low profile, quite an ugly one too. It has 'Cadbury College' stamped into the plasic on the lid as it was a leaving gift when I did my uni placement there (it is NOT stolen!). Probably Debian or Fedora installed.

1 x copy of the official Ubuntu book, 1st edition (3rd edition is the current one).

1 x Microsoft USB hub. No idea if this is USB 1.1 or 2.0, it was given to me. Doesn't require external power.

1 x horrible IP2005 VoIP phone. Does H.323 rather than SIP though a SIP firmware is available. I seem to have corrupted the firmware somehow trying to update it with the SIP version and now it doesn't update, it keeps rebooting, think it's still running the H.323 firmware and keeps corrupting it's settings. Answer on a postcard or takers welcome. If you don't know the difference between H.323, SIP and Skype then you either want SIP or Skype and this seems to be stuck in H.323 mode.

1 x 17" Philips 107T4 flatscreen CRT monitor. Nice looking monitor for a CRT. Not enormous either.

I don't wish to be discriminatory in any way but I will only consider requests from people who can collect from me in the evenings or weekends, people who can collect from a LUG meeting or people who can send someone to collect from me. I don't want to hang on to things for months waiting for people who can't collect and I don't deliver :). Apologies to anyone who is interested but can't collect, if that's the case for you then send someone to collect it for you.

Mail me on list or in private. Winners will be selected according to email time stamp or according to need and notified by email blah blah. Panel's decision is final etc. Tired now.





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