[Wolves] EeePC900

Andy Wootton andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk
Sun Sep 28 16:50:49 UTC 2008

Adam Sweet wrote:
> It's a pretty touch call between the 2 for me. The Eee has a 20GB SSD
> and wireless N but *tiny* keyboard for my big hands, while the Dell has
> a smaller SSD, a larger but allegedly annoying keyboard layout but it
> will ship with Ubuntu working out of the box. Hardware-wise I think the
> Eee 901 sounds better but I'm erring towards the Dell for the guaranteed
> working hardware under Ubuntu as that's what I'd be running on an Eee.
The Eee 901 has a 4GB SSD and a 16GB something slower (I bought one too. 
Xandros looks like it will be nice when they finish it so you can get apps.
I just discovered <CTRL><ALT>T though so I now have apt in a terminal.) 
The Eee 1000 is the same but a bit bigger if you want more keyboard 
space and has 8GB SSD and 32GB something slower. I decided I preferred 
smallness most of the time and a USB keyboard when typing speed matters
> Also of interest to others:
> Advent 4211 - a rebadged MSI Wind for £270 from PC World, has 80GB HD.
> It *is* the MSI Wind, just cheaper and with a different badge. If I
> wanted a hard disk one, I'd get this.
Cannock Sainsbury's are selling the new Medion which is also a re-badged 
MSI Wind but I don't know if it has the big battery of the Wind or the 
small one of the Advent. It's £199 with an 80GB disk and the dirty 
Windows tax.

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