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Thu Sep 25 09:02:10 UTC 2008

Kontact that way I can use the built in address book, notes, email etc.
Its an app I'm used too. However if it has to be Evolution then so be it.

I don't want any LAMP/Apache based solutions I'll be running this on my
Laptop for which I will retire ArchLinux for the time being. I'm looking
at CrunchBang and may even install the pooh coloured distro or failing
that openSUSE so it must be a native app.
The reason for this is I may use the laptop in a presentation scenario.
While Arch is obviously the best distro in the universe there'd be
nothing worse than 'bigging up' Linux in a meeting to get sponsorship
etc only to have some failure.

I don't need a CRM package (I know pretty much all there is to know
about them) So the questions are;

A. Can this be done with OP?
B. Is there something better that will give me what I need?
C. Is there some sort of open source Campaign Manager I don't know about?

Sensible answers on a postcard please to.....

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