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dick_turpin dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Mon Apr 6 13:23:24 UTC 2009

Ron Wellsted wrote:
> Please take some time to visit the site and pass back your
> suggestions.  The only restrictions I will place are on disk space and
> bandwidth (as I am paying for these).
> Over to you.
Hi Ron

TBH its been ages since I actually *looked* at the site, I generally pop
on for some quick info however I promise to put more effort in.

My Thoughts (Random and pathetic)

1. How about some cross referencing in respect of distro's used. What I
mean is there is already a 'Members profile' section (Which I need to
add mine to, I thought I had?) Members can stick "I use xxxx which could
link to xxxx on a *Distro's Used* section which could link back to (Example)
Fedora: Ade Bradshore Dave Morely Alex Wilmer
Ubuntu: Jono Bacon
openSUSE: Ron Wellstead Claire?
I think you get the idea, somebody looks at the Distro's and finds six
people using it, or looks at Adam Sweets profile and sees he uses Puppy
Linux which then leads to discovery that there is a further two users.
I've attached a rough (Very rough, don't use it) .htm example.

2. I've always liked the logo, do you intend to add a background colour
scheme to the pages? On the one hand its a thought, on the other hand it
might spoil it?

3. The 'mailing list' preamble seems fine to me, I like the guidance and
reference to Netiquette.

4. Meetings "although some of the people can take a bit of getting used
to!" is that me by any chance? And don't say "If the cap fits" :-P

5. Proposed Talks: Bit out of date? Maybe you could open that element to
'Member' editing? Make a sort of rule that if people offer to do a talk
they have to stick the details on that section.

6. Projects: Has anything happened with these since 2007? As a side
thought have you got Drupal set to "Show edit date"? I'd change that for
the global to "Do not show edit date" and only set 'date' on specific
articles/posts it looks like nobody has done anything with the site
since 2007.

7. Documents and Tutorials: dick_turpin shrugs "I bet they're out of date?

8. Links: Ah good one "Anyone else got any more"? This is where we get
arguments as to "Why are we promoting that business and helping them
make money?"

9. Problems Solved: I'd get rid of this section or change it to "Members
tips and tricks" got a fix? stick it here type of thing.

10. I know very little about Drupal or even wiki's for that matter. I've
never been a big fan of wiki's anyway, I don't mind reading them just
don't like using them. Is there a module for Drupal like this
http://www.joomlapolis.com/ its called Community Builder I think this
one only runs on Joomla I hate Forums so wouldn't join a Forum but I was
wondering if the Wolves Lug site can have a community similar to the URL
I gave you.

If you want any more crushing or pee on my parade comments please feel
free to ask :-)

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