[Wolves] The Website

dick_turpin dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Mon Apr 6 15:45:19 UTC 2009

Ade wrote:
> I like that idea (yes Im still alive by the way).
No your not, I paid good money for flowers ;-)
> You can put me next
> to Centos and Redhat as well as Fedora by the way. Im equally happy on
> any of those distros ;-)
I was thinking more in terms of "what you actually use" rather than
"I've played with these" just so that it guides people to the candidates
who are likely to have a good knowledge of that given distro.

P.S. I forgot that attachments got stripped out Doh! Ron do you still
want it?
P.P.S Hey Ade Hi from one baldy to another :-)

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