[Wolves] installing WINE and libaudio2

Steve Wilson sirocco_software at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 20 14:21:07 UTC 2009

> Check which repositories are in use (edit
> /etc/apt/sources.list) then
> reload the package list with "sudo apt-get update".
> If it is one of the ol machines from me it would have been
> installed
> with a local mirror of the repositories
> (192.168.some.thing) instead
> of gb.archive.ubuntu.com

AHA ... yes Ron. Thanks! Sadly I can't edit the file as I don't have permission. Nor (it appears) do I have the option of changing file permissions, or even doing a sudo edit on the thing.

Sorry to ask such a basic question, but if I can't log in as an administrator (no such account appears to exist) then how can I get at this file.

-Steve W


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