[Wolves] WINE-ing bt not dining (yet)

Adam Sweet adam at adamsweet.org
Tue Apr 21 08:32:24 UTC 2009

Steve Wilson wrote:
> Many thanks to all concerned for the help so far. 
> Have installed WINE and several small W's apps including CD2MP3Converter, the 010 hex editor, and EasyGPS. They all work fine. Not got IrfanView to install yet though. Of course there will be Linux equivalents to all these, but I thought I'd start off small and get the teething problems out of the way before stepping up to the likes of Memory-Map and Pinnacle Studio.

As has already been said, you won't need many of these apps. For
example, Soundjuicer will already be installed as Application > Sound &
Video > Audio CD Extractor.

To rip to MP3, you will need to go to preferences and change the profile
to CD Quality MP3. You may or may not need to install extra software to
make it work but there's a good chance it will prompt you to do so if
it's necessary. Many people install ubuntu-restricted-extras to get all
of the codecs and so on which are under a restrictive license, such as
MP3, AAC and so on. It is legally dubious, but it puts the decision in
your hands rather than the distributor (ie Canonical/Ubuntu) who would
certainly get sued should they ship them in the default installation.

There are hex editors aplenty so either searching the Add/Remove
Software tool (or Synaptic) or Google will help you. I'm not familiar
with EasyGPS, IrfanView or Memory Map, but for photo browsing try
F-Spot, gThumb or Eye of Gnome (just open an image and it will open in
EOG). EOG is pretty standard, gThumb is slowly being replaced by F-Spot
which is a bit more capable.

Have a look at FreeMind for mind-mapping:


It's written in Java which means you need JVM. I believe some kind of
open JVM is installed by default these days (Dave Morley may be able to
confirm or deny), which may or may not be sufficient to run FreeMind. If
not, ubuntu-restricted-extras will probably install the Sun JVM for you,
but again, if not, you can just install sun-java6-jre. If you want the
browser plugin, even though few people use Java applets these days, that
is sun-java6-plugin. Other people might be able to suggest similar mind
mapping tools. You should be able to tell whether you have any kind of
JVM installed with:

java -version


dpkg --list | grep ^ii | grep -i java

Don't know about GPS stuff.


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