[Wolves] WINE-ing bt not dining (yet)

Steve Wilson sirocco_software at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 22 16:48:20 UTC 2009

>>As has already been said, you won't need many of these apps. 

I'm sure you're right Adam, but I thought I'd ttry installing and using some smaller W apps as a precursor to the larger ones. When I _do_ make the switch, I'll be delighted to leave as much as possible behind me.

Unfortunately though, I doubt whether there are Linux equivalents to _every_ W app. One of these is Memory-Map. Not that it's a well-designed user-friendly GIS  - it isn't. It's just that MM is the best way that I have discovered to display IGN topo maps on a computer.

I have tried several times to approach IGN with a view to acquiring a license, and they have responded first with a thunderous silence, and then with an email full of irrelevant responses.

Thanks for that URL Claire BTW.



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